Work and Beyond

Being a postdoc means being in limbo more than just in your job. Some of us have families, others are still worried about how to meet people! We all have different issues that need resolving depending upon where we are at in life. We hope that some of these links will help you to find the resources that you need for your work life and beyond. Trouble with your supervisor or other folks on or off the job? We also have some links here to help you when your work life itself becomes problematic and is negatively affecting your personal and professional life.

Welcome to the UC Davis Working Community

New postdocs should attend the campus New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program. It is a full day program that focuses on conveying the importance of the UC Davis Mission, Principles of Community, and rich culture, as well as explaining our comprehensive benefits packages. Other program components include presentations by key campus personnel, and an on-line, web-based accompaniment to the orientation process. Refreshments are usually provided. Schedule information is available on the Staff Development & Professional Services web site.

Your Health and Personal Wellness

Family and Personal Life Related Sites

Culturally Related Sites

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