Welcome to Davis

Davis is in Yolo County. The area code is 530. The zip code is 95616.

The Davis community is definitely one of a kind. Davis is friendly and safe, and most people feel at home here. Check out the UC Davis, City of Davis and Davis Community Network Sites to learn about our campus and city. You also might want to check out the Graduate Studies site, which features a section for postdocs and links that are generally helpful to all new people at UC Davis. The University also has a Living in Davis that you may find helpful.

If you are used to large coastal cities like New York or San Francisco, you are going to find that Davis has nothing to compare in the way of public transportation. However, because Davis is relatively small and on fairly level ground, you can get almost everywhere by bicycle if you don't own a car or prefer not to drive. Be sure to get a permit for your bicycle and lock it when parked. Trying to park a car on or near the UC Davis campus can be a challenge, and parking permits at all the UC schools are among the more expensive. There is also a reasonably good bus line. We have been told that taxis generally require a reservation in advance (AM-PM Taxi 756-5555; Davis Cab Co. 753-8294; Friendly Cab 750-1111). The closest major airport (SMF) is just north of Sacramento off Interstate 5 (about 15-20 minutes away). You can also get there via the Davis Airporter shuttle service (756-6715). Getting out of Davis, Sacramento is about 15 miles to the East and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area begins about 30 miles to the West (and continues for a much greater distance). You can take Amtrak to most points East and West, including the San Francisco Airport. The driving directions website is good for anywhere in California to anywhere else.

The Davis rental housing market can be competitive and moderately expensive compared to the surrounding communities. Again, if you are used to the likes of New York or San Francisco, you will be pleasantly surprised. At most real estate agencies a list of current rentals is available. Some of the realtors in town are (this list is not exhaustive, nor does it constitute any form of endorsement):

When you are ready to move, the Postal Service has a site that makes address changes and other changes (like DMV, IRS, voters registration) easy. Note: for information on foreign visas, check out the Information for International Postdocs page.