PSA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 5/24/16

Meeting Minutes - 3/17/16

Meeting Minutes - 12/3/15

Meeting Minutes - 8/3/15

Attendees: 5

Discussion Points

  • PSA Website
    • Updating articles, officer list updating, travel grant updating
    • Survey site for other things that may need updating.
  • Postdoc Appreciation Dinner – Ygal is tentatively able to attend and give a few words.
  • MyScienceWork – no for now, perhaps later (although we could also do something similar using a Google Community or a different Website).
  • GSA request – will draft a letter to be sent out to the PSA Listserv to see how many postdocs have received a NSF GRF. GSA will send additional information to those postdocs to gauge interest in helping with the seminar series.
  • Fellowship panel
    • Needs to consider International fellowships: EMBO, Frontiers, Marie Curie (European postdoctoral fellowships), Fulbright.
    • First full week in October to host the fellowship panel
  • Figure out a budget for allocation to PSA
  • Winter Event – look into job interviewing.

Symposium update

  • Grad Studies allocated 4500 to the symposium (venue, poster, etc)
    • Additional funding needed for prizes food, similar things.

Action items

  • Update PSA website with new travel grant information/officer info/other articles of interest (Rob/Molly)
  • Discuss with Theresa/Dean Gibeling room reservation and food for the Fall event, as well as a potential budget for PSA for the year (may need to set up an account on campus) (Jon/Molly)
  • Identify 4-5 panelists for the Fall panel, covering a variety of postdoctoral fellowships:
    • Domestic fellowships (K99/R00, PPFP, Ford) – Jon
    • European/other international fellowships – Kaisa/Ygal
  • Draft and send out a letter to the listserv requesting postdoctoral assistance with the GSA’s NSF seminar series (Jon/Sumit)
  • Determine responsibilities for each officer position (All)

Next Leadership meeting will be the first week in September, to be determined by Doodle poll.

Meeting Minutes - 1/15/15

Attendees: 7

Major Updates

  • Postdoctoral Symposium
    • May 14th, 2nd floor of the MU (room is already booked)
    • Everything is being sponsored by Grad Division (refreshments, rewards, etc)
    • 3 sessions with 10min talks, poster session for 50
    • Still sticking with 3-4 awards for talks/posters (depending on funding)
    • Awards for Chancellor’s award, PPFP award and Postdoc award
    • ACTION ITEM (ALL): find someone in the bay area as a keynote speaker
    • Fundraising is underway talking with the Deans to get support for catering
    • Website is in the making, should be up within the week. Will put a link to the site from the PSA site
    • Fundraising is underway talking with the Deans to get support for catering
    • ACTION ITEM (Kaisa): Find abstract readers and session chairs
  • Career Symposium Panel – ICC

    • Saturday, March 14, 1030-1145, 26 Wellman
    • ACTION ITEM (Dominique): Find Three members to serve on the panel
      • Try and find three people with different experiences for obtaining postdoctoral positions

      • Maybe find someone who has done a Govt/Industry postdoc?

    • Discussion on what can be discussed at the Symposium itself
    • In addition to people for the ICC panel, looking for and additional few people for a panel to be hosted with Student Recruitment/Student Diversity

      • ACTION ITEM (Jon): Contact SR/SD to work on further planning for the second panel


  • Email on European funding/research opportunities for postdoctoral research
    • ACTION ITEM (Kaisa): Kaisa will send an email out seeing interest and forming a group to go
  • Postdoctoral Survey
    • Will be sent out this weekend, to collect some information about postdocs at UCD, as well as gauge interest in people serving as chairs and abstract readers for Postdoc Symposium

    • ACTION ITEM (Jon): Send out the survey

  • Other
    • For one of the next meetings, discuss Elevator Pitches and potentially practice elevator pitches or give practice talks for conferences

    • Potentially, work on arranging a trip to the European funding/research meeting in lieu of February’s meeting

    • ACTION ITEM (Dominique/Molly): Send out a reminder about the postdoc travel award Postdoctoral Proceedings flyer (see attached)

Meeting Minutes – 12/9/14

Attendees: 12
Next meeting: Thursday, 1/15/15

Major Updates

  • Membership in national PSA
    • Working with Dean’s office to get the entire PSA a sustaining membership.
    • Would make membership free for postdocs at UCD
  • Website access coming soon
    • Will begin updating website with new bylaws and other pieces of important information
  • Postdoctoral Symposium – May 14th
    • Open registration and abstract submission in February
    • 9 total oral sessions (3 running concurrently) with 6 talks apiece
      • Organized by subject matter – looking for moderators
    • 20-25 poster presentations
    • Possibility of Best Poster and Best Presentation awards?


  • PSA meetings for the Winter quarter
    • 2nd week of each month (Thursday in Jan, Tuesday in Feb and Mar)
  • Based on interest, will potentially hold social events to meet and network the 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • A Google Form will be sent out in the next week or so, to get information on the following:
    • Basic information on postdocs at UCD, as well as what skills each postdoc may have
    • Gauging postdoc interest in various events that could be held over the Winter/Spring quarter
  • Discuss standing in solidarity with the GSA in light of the recent tuition hikes
  • Work on updating the Bylaws to be in line with NPSA’s Bylaws, and work on updates to the website